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World Archery Rules compliant: Ianseo is always up to date with World Archery rules. Developers are available for customizations to fit National and Competition Specific Rules too!
Help and support: if you need some help, send an email to you will get an answer directly from the core developers of Ianseo!
On site training and courses: Ianseo is available to manage specific on location courses. Two levels: without and with the electronic devices. The first is aimed to know all aspects of ianseo from competition preparation and schedule up to online pubblication and local distribution of results. The second is aimed on acquiring all the specific knowledge to run an "arrow by arrow" competition.
Donate! Ianseo is free and open source... if you like it please help us keeping software and server up to date: press the "Donate" button on the home page of!
Social Media: Ianseo is also on Facebook, Twitter!
Free online pubblishing: with a basic Internet connection you can show the world what is going on during the competition. It is free, so why wait? Once the competition is created, ask for a code through the menu item «Competition=>Send to».
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  Competition Code Name Organized by Place Date
OpenCNI12019Torneo Nacional Indoor 2019 - 1ATCR - Asoc. Deportiva de Tiro con Arco​Gimnasio Villa Olímpica, DesamparadosFrom 19-01-2019 To 20-01-2019
OpenT5RN2018Torneo 5 Ranking Nacional 2018FTICA - Federación Deportiva de Tiro con ArcoEstadio Nacional de Costa RicaFrom 13-10-2018 To 14-10-2018
OpenT4RN2018Torneo 4 Ranking Nacional 2018ATCR - Asoc Deportiva de Tiro con ArcoPolideportivo Fátima, Heredia, Costa RicaFrom 01-09-2018 To 02-09-2018
OpenJDN2018Juegos Deportivos Nacionales 2018JDN2018 - Federación de Tiro con Arco Costa RicaVilla Olímpica Desamparados, San José, Costa RicaFrom 01-07-2018 To 03-07-2018
OpenT3RN2018Torneo 3 Ranking Nacional 2018ADTO - Asoc Dep. de Tiro con arco OccidentePolideportivo Monserrat, AlajuelaFrom 02-06-2018 To 03-06-2018
OpenT1ATACRTorneo 1 de Asoc Dep, Tiro con ArcoT1ATCR - ATACRFatima HerediaFrom 20-05-2018 To 20-05-2018
OpenT2RN2018Torneo 2 Ranking Nacional 2018ASTC - Asoc. Dep. Tiro con Arco AlajuelaPlaza de Deportes Urgellés, AlajuelaFrom 21-04-2018 To 22-04-2018
OpenT1RN2018Torneo 1 Ranking Nacional 2018ASTC - Asoc. Dep. Tiro con Arco AlajuelaPlaza de Deportes Urgellés, AlajuelaFrom 03-03-2018 To 04-03-2018
OpenCNI2017Campeonato Nacional Indoor 2017FTCR - Federación de Tiro con Arco Costa RicaPolideportivo MonserratFrom 03-12-2017 To 03-12-2017
OpenCNILMPrimer Campeonato Nacional Indoor Ligas MenoresFTCR - Federación Deportiva de Tiro con Arco Costa RicaPalacio de los Deportes, HerediaFrom 05-11-2017 To 05-11-2017
OpenT5RN20175to Torneo Ranking Nacional 2017FEDE - FedeticaEstadio Nacional Costa RicaFrom 28-10-2017 To 29-10-2017
Open1TCCD171er Torneo CCDR de HerediaATCR - Asoc.Dep.Tiro con Arco y CCDRHerediaPlaza de Fátima, HerediaFrom 10-09-2017 To 10-09-2017
OpenT4RN20174to Torneo Ranking Nacional 2017ADTO - Arqueros de OccidenteMonserrat, AlajuelaFrom 12-08-2017 To 13-08-2017
OpenJDN2017Juegos Deportivos Nacionales 2017ICODE - Icoder y FedeticaVilla Olimpica de DesamparadosFrom 12-07-2017 To 14-07-2017
OpenT1IADTOTorneo 1 Indoor 2017ADTO - Asoc Dep de Arqueros OccidenteGimasio Monserrat, AlajuelaFrom 01-07-2017 To 02-07-2017
OpenT3RN20173er Torneo Ranking Nacional 2017ATACR - Asoc. Deportiva Tiro con ArcoUrgellés, AlajuelaFrom 10-06-2017 To 11-06-2017
OpenADTO0604Torneo Adetao Junio 2017ADTO0 - Asoc. Tiro con Arco de OccidenteMonserrat, AlajuelaFrom 04-06-2017 To 04-06-2017
OpenT2RN2012ndo Torneo Ranking Nacional 2017ATCR - Asoc. Deportiva de Tiro con ArcoUniversidad Nacional, Lagunilla de HerediaFrom 13-05-2017 To 14-05-2017
OpenTA1ADTO1er Torneo Abierto CODEAADTO - Arqueros de OccidentePolideportivo MonserratFrom 30-04-2017 To 30-04-2017
OpenT1RN20171er Torneo Ranking Nacional 2017ASTIC - Asoc. Dep. Tiro con Arco AlajuelaPlaza UrgellésFrom 18-03-2017 To 19-03-2017
OpenT1P20171er Torneo para Principiantes 2017ADTO - Asoc. Dep. de Tiro con Arco OccidenteMonserrat, AlajuelaFrom 12-02-2017 To 12-02-2017
OpenCDEA16Torneo navideño Codea 2016Codea - CodeaMonserrat AlajuelaFrom 18-12-2016 To 18-12-2016
OpenCNI2016Campeonato Nacional Indoor 2016ADTO - Asociación Arqueros de OccidenteMonserrat, AlajuelaFrom 20-11-2016 To 20-11-2016
OpenTR42016Torneo IV de Ranking NacionalASTCA - Asociación Dep.Tiro con Arco AlajuelaUrgelles,Playwood,AlajuelaFrom 22-10-2016 To 23-10-2016
OpenTR32016Torneo III de Ranking NacionalADTO - Asociación Arqueros de OccidentePolidep. Monserrat AlajuelaFrom 20-08-2016 To 21-08-2016
OpenJN2016Juegos Nacional 2016ICDER - ICODER y FedeticaGimnasio DesamparadosFrom 14-07-2016 To 16-07-2016
OpenX102Segundo Torneo X10 2016CX10 - Club de Tiro con Arco X10Colegio EuropeoFrom 02-07-2016 To 02-07-2016
OpenTR22016Torneo II Ranking Nacional 2016ATACR - Asociación Deportiva de Tiro con ArcoUniversidad Nacional en Lagunilla de Heredia From 25-06-2016 To 26-06-2016
OpenSJ2016XXIII Panamericano/II ParaPanamericanoTiroConArco ATACR - Asociación Deportiva de Tiro con Arco Costa RicaSan José 2016From 23-05-2016 To 29-05-2016